Technology can be a hassle, let us help!

Technology is everywhere, from your smartphones to the servers hosting your funny cat videos. It makes us more connected then ever before. But technology breaks, now what? Let us help!

This company was built with a joy of working with technology. We take a hands on approach to solving technology problems everyday. Everything from in-home PC repair to a datacenter server infastructure, we got you covered! We stand behind our work.

Are you backing up your data? If not, you risk losing it all! We at Chainfire Computers know that some things can't be replaced. Whether it is priceless family pictures or an Excel Spreadsheet you've worked all week on, we understand it's importance to you. We offer backup and recovery services for your peace of mind.

We understand things don't break on a 9 to 5 work week schedule. That is why we offer emergency callout service for those times when mission critical tech needs fixed ASAP!


We've learned, in the technology field, that there are many ways to solve a problem. But is it the best way? Is it a complete solution? Let us take the hassle out of technology problems for you. We will get you back up and running so you don't have to worry.

Remote Support

We offer remote support to better serve you with your computer solutions.

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Managed Services

Let us be your IT Department, without the cost of an IT Department!

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Computer Repair

PC won't turn on? Blue screen of death? Don't throw it away! Let us Fix it!

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Computer running slow? Doing things on it's own? We offer a complete Anti-Virus Solution!

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Don't see what you need? Contact us! Let us know,

and we will provide it for you.

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